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Thank you for your interest in our reupholstery services.

Before you consider the estimate, there are a few things we would like you to know. Not all upholstery is created equally. To compare with other bids, you should know the quality differences involved, and how they will affect the durability of the work.

First, we use only commercial grade Naugahyde brand vinyl which is thicker and more dense (37 oz.) than other vinyls for superb durability (over one million rubs with standard clothing materials), and an extremely high level of tear resistance. The Beauty Guard protective top coat provides antimicrobial protection (resistant to sweat, body salts, oils, mildew, bacterial and fungal microorganisms), a high level of disinfectability, and excellent stain resistance. The Naugahyde 2-200 Flame Blocker offers a very low level of flammability, as well as UV (sunlight) protection. The styles we use are designed specifically for the fitness equipment industry. We have dozens of colors, shades, and grains to choose from.

Secondly, we use a 1.5" thick, very high grade #HR150-250 high density foam. This foam has superior "memory" or rebound characteristics which reduces the "indentation" in the pads caused by a repeated concentration of high weight loads over a small area. It also reduces the amount of vinyl "travel", or side-to-side movement which rapidly wears down the vinyl . We also attach the foam to the board with a permanent adhesive to avoid slippage. This type of foam also provides superior padding for comfort and protection.

Thirdly, unlike some upholsterers, we remove all old materials, foam and staples. We double-stitch sew all edges, borders, and seams with the highest quality thread rather than just folding them over. We also top-stitch all seams for extra strength and durability. Not only does this look much more professional, but it also provides for a tighter, snug fit which minimizes vinyl "travel" and greatly extends the life of the pad.

Finally, we give you the option of installing slip covers over high-wear areas such as head rest points where oils from the head break down the material more rapidly. Our slip covers are mounted with velcro or through the pad's mounting bolts for easy replacement. This allows you to replace an inexpensive cover rather than reupholstering an entire pad. Also, since you can replace the cover, there is no down-time.

We also offer custom embroidery, and can place your logo or club name on the slip covers or pads.

If you need the entire pad re-manufactured, we use the strongest 5/8" thick plywood for the back piece. We also offer upholstered backing for pads where the back is visible to the users.

We offer local pick-up and delivery, or you can save money by bringing the pads to our shop. With advance notice, we can reupholster up to 15 pads within 48 hours!

Don't be fooled by low bids. There is a reason why a product or a service costs less! However, if low cost is the most important factor, we can provide bids using lower quality materials, just let us know.