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Thank you for your interest in our custom cable manufacturing services.

We exclusively use Exerflex Pro cables!

Since we use only the highest grade materials in our manufacturing process, our cables might be a bit more expensive than some others, but are much safer, reliable, and will last longer than any other cable on the market.

All cables use galvanized, zinc coated carbon steel cable strands which provide a high level of corrosion resistance, and remain flexible and ductile over long periods, and have a higher breaking strength than stainless steel as well as very low stretching tendency.

All are aircraft cable wound in a 7 x 19 configuration which provide excellent fatigue resistance in weight machine applications where users are constantly jerking the weights. The 7x19 winding also provides the highest level of flexibility for longevity when the cable is traveling over pulleys which change the cable's direction up to 180 degrees. Meets Commercial Grade Specification SD119.

The cables are all internally lubricated under pressure to the core during the manufacturing process. This forces the lubrication in between the individual strands which keeps the cable even more flexible, corrosion-resistant, and durable much longer than non-lubricated cables.

A high quality coating is very important. It's supposed to indicate when it's time to replace the cable. Theoretically, the coating will stretch with the cable and will tear when the wire strands have stretched beyond the point of safety. Cheaper cables use a low quality coating which can crack prematurely. Our cables use a black, "Lolon F" nylon coating which is pressure-bonded to the wire strands allowing the coating to actually stretch with the cable. This gives you a true indication that the cable needs to be replaced if the coating is cracked. This coating is exceptionally flexible which is very important with cables that operate over pulleys. Coating meets Military Specification MIL-W-83420.

Cables have exceptional breaking strength: 2000 lb. breaking strength on 3/16" diameter cables; 4200 lb. breaking strength on 1/4" cables.

Cable fittings are crucial to the safety and longevity of the cables. We use zinc plated, copper oval sleeves which binds a cable loop together. These sleeves support a greater load than the rated breaking strength of the cable. We always strip the coating off the cable which virtually welds the sleeve to the cable when it is crimped on, then we cover the sleeve with a protective nylon cap. We reinforce the loop with a heavy duty stainless steel thimble for much longer wear. We are also able to fabricate cables using a 303SE stainless steel single shank ball which allows the use of sliding blots and clevis attachments.

Finally, when needed, we can install a rubber or plastic stop ball to protect your pulleys from cracking.

All of these features (which other cable fabricators don't mention) add up to the most safe, reliable and longest lasting custom cable you can buy for your weight machines.

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